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About the founder of C en Provence specialising in houses to rent in Southern France

C is for Camille

Camille Pires is an expert in luxury holiday rentals in Provence. For the past 20 years, she has been working with both homeowners of houses to rent in Provence and visitors looking for their dream holiday house in Southern France.

Born and raised in the heart of the Luberon region, Camille still lives here with her husband and two children.

Very early on, she decided that her professional career would be about helping people experience Provence in a way they would never forget.

Early 2022, she launched C en Provence, a local vacation rentals agency focusing on properties in the Luberon’s Golden Triangle, the Alpilles and the Pays des Sorgues.

C is for Connections
The best way to help visitors find the perfect house to rent in Provence

Camille has been in real estate for 20 years. She started her career working alongside Marie Madeleine Nelson, whose agency was then the go-to place for finding a property in the Luberon.

Camille enjoyed working in the field and quickly specialised in luxury holiday properties. She knows the Luberon and the Alpilles like the back of her hand. Her English is fluent (thanks to her time in the United States). She has great people skills and has gained the trust of a demanding clientele, who remains loyal to her from one season to the next.

The idea behind C en Provence is to provide a complete and tailor-made service for both tenants and owners of top-of-the-range holiday rentals in the Luberon and Alpilles regions. Camille works hand in hand with other real estate agencies, private concierges, travel agencies... These connections along with her 20-year experience provide invaluable resources for her clients.

C is for Competency
A prerequisite for matching the right people with the right villa to rent in Provence

If there is one thing field experience has taught Camille in the last 20 years, it is that matching the right people with the right house takes skills, talent and a pinch of magic.

Her expertise and list of contacts would not have the same impact without Camille’s natural soft skills: the ability to listen, a sharp sense of diplomacy, an infallible memory, a frank and reassuring personality.

C is for Confidence
It makes all the difference, for you and us

Trust is Camille's watchword and the reason why her clients are loyal to her.

Visitors looking for a villa to rent in Provence for their next holiday can rely on Camille to find the perfect house for them.

Camille knows how to ask the right questions: she needs to know about the age groups of your party, she will memorise your priorities, your preferences and your requirements. She selects the properties to rent in the Luberon or the Alpilles that precisely meet your criteria because your criteria are not the same as those of another tenant.

Owners of houses for rent in the Luberon, the Alpilles and the Sorgues areas can count on Camille to be a trustworthy and efficient agent.

Camille is committed to matching your home to the right tenants. She will help you increase the number of bookings in all seasons. How? By suggesting carefully prepared themed stays, with a cast of service providers chosen for their reliability. First class service and dedication are at the heart of her work.

To find out more about Camille's background, see her LinkedIn profile.

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